Welcome to Kyanite360

We are a solutions platform, unleashing our entrepreneurial DNA, characterised by a lean approach, a growth mindset and an outcome perspective, to shakeup the status quo. We combine broad and deep industry and B2B experience, extensive network collaborations, evergreen market intelligence, a full suite of technology solutions and resources to provide CXOs, leadership teams and founders with on-going customised solutions to meet daily challenges and become more resilient businesses.

Our Portfolio of Business Enabler Services

We deliver customised solutions, tailored to each specific situation.
Our portfolio of technology, management, operational and transaction support services are delivered along the following core themes:

Business Services

Our Business Services are a collective of individual functions to support your organisation through required capabilities and critical capacity, both of which add vitality and [...]


We see many organisations claiming to be “data-driven”, but with no clear plan, key resources, support systems, or structured workflows to really substantiate any investment [...]

Transaction Support

Our platform combines broad and deep industry and B2B experience, key collaborations, an extensive network, evergreen, AI-driven market intelligence and a full suite of technology [...]

Collaborations and Commercial Context

Global supply chains are being disrupted and reconfigured, or simply increasing in complexity, hence adding risk and cost. Regardless of the source of disruption (e.g. [...]

New Value Propositions

If you are starting a new business or growing an existing one, the people you choose to work with can make a significant difference to [...]

In a disrupted market, the challenges facing CXOs, leadership teams and founders are manifold and range right across the supply chain.

Our approach is to develop dimensional business perspective, enhance operational and management capability and the capacity to execute.

These efforts empower CXOs, leadership teams and founders to deliver change and create impact to advance their businesses.